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How does the Planist scheduling my meetings and save my 150 minutes in two weeks?

Scheduling Meetings by Planist

Before answering the question, “how did I scheduling my meetings with clients by Planist?” First, I have to tell you that no freelancer or consultant can arrange their appointments and meetings without using a planning assistant. The best and easiest planning assistant to use online calendars is Google Calendar, but why can’t Google Calendar alone be…

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6 Meetings that should be held asynchronously in pandemic

Asynchronous meeting in COVID-19

The useless meetings have led individuals and companies to find another solution. More than one year has been omitted since the COVID-19, and more companies are increasing their communications and team meetings remotely asynchronously. We need to talk about meetings that force to be held simultaneously (Online/in-Person) and review our approaches.  Meetings that should be…

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