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Product Manager's Checklist

In the previous story, I told trying to write story series on my experience as a Product Manager in a new business field.

In this story, I’ll write about an important concept in a structured company that moves the encounter to obscure issues as a new Product Managers.

That’s sudden for me. In the first days, I must be knowing more about GDS (Global Distribution System) concept and create a roadmap for migrating all working services and made many micro-service for using other product lines. So, I should prioritize tasks by business KPIs, Technical effort, and I can’t stop the current workflow in this way.

After talking with domain expert developers and investigation by other teams (Marketing, Sales, Customer support, etc.) I decided to start the first version and improve that again and again.

In the first step, I make a new mind-map, write all features, requirements and then classified them. Now, I found a better look at this migration and the relations between services and product lines. After this step, trying to classification these items into Theme, Epic, and Story via Google Sheet.

With these two simple steps, I accomplished a better look at this migration and the next steps. In the next story, I’ll write about our rules to make Epic, Story, Requirements, and Tasks.

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