Attention! Niko-Niko Calendar, it’s important to any Agile teams

Niko-Niko Calendar Mood
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One of the terms or concepts in Agile is the Information Radiator.

This term actually refers to a series of information markers about the project and your products that display activities of the development’s team to all key-stockholders.

The advantage of using these charts is the team does not hide anything throughout the project, increases the responsibility of team members and can help the rest of the project’s status by stockholders without asking by team members. (They can look for the large boards and somehow exposed to them.)

The history of these indicators referred to the 1980s and the KANBAN leaders in TOYOTA and trying to improve their processes by technologies.

The burn-down chart, storyboard, planning board and etc are some of the samples of these indicators.

Niko-Niko Calendar
Team Calendar Mood

In this text, I try to write about the Niko-Niko calendar that’s introduced by Akinori Sakata.

This simple board is a matter of the day-to-day experience of them’s members. As each day and after the daily standup meeting show by stickers happy or sad to show how they are going today.

One of the main benefits of this board for team‘ members and PM is that during each sprint the status of the team is identified for the rest of the team and the project manager, scrum master, and even the members of the team will appreciate more and more mutual understanding and help to make a better connection. And also, if any of the members are not happy, the rest of the people will give them the energy that will bring their happiness.

Niko-Niko Calendar is the best practice exercise to discover the mood of your Agile team members and helps to solve a lot of problems before the explosion.

If you save the information that’s recorded on this board, you can re-examine the intervals, for example, three or six months, and see what the team’s mental state is about, what to do and what positive things you can do to keep the team are happy.

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