What do Product Managers do?

What do Product Managers do

As you know, Product Management is one of the most important roles for the successful any business in the IT industry. But this concept doesn’t have much age in this industry and may conflict between the other important roles such as Product Owner and Project Manager. So, in this text, I’ll try to clarify some points in this position as follow.

In the first step, I’ll explain what does doing every product manager in the IT industry. Every product manager should help another team and department grow the business and arrange them like a conductor. It’s so near the project manager’s role in this field. On Google, you can find this definition of the product manager:

A Product Manager helps their team (and company) ship the right product to their users.

Now we would find the product manager involved in which team to help them. Designers, engineers, QA, documentation, marketing, and all of the stakeholders of your product in business need your help. Some expert people believe the product manager must play as a CEO in organizations for growing the product. But I think leadership in this role is more important than anything. However, authority is important too. It would be best to manage the product by building a useful and SMART roadmap and clear that to all the teams. On clarifying the roadmap for other teams, you can gather the votes for features with important factors such as business impact, technical effort, facilitate the operational staff, and make customers happy. After these steps and clear your roadmap, you must share it with all internal stakeholders and get their confirmation as soon as possible as a product manager. You could set a deadline for this point.

Don’t forget the company’s overall goals and objectives covered in your prioritizing roadmap features and your team capacity.

In your position is most important to track all competitors every day and monitor all your metrics to grow your product. Set periodic sessions with all internal stakeholders and find all teams understand the challenge, product value target for delivering to end-users, and get their feedback (internal stakeholders by listening and external stakeholders by tracing them on social media activities).

As a product manager, you must know this point: Your job is never done, and you must improve plans, additional testing, tracing the market and competitors, respond to your customers, and analyze your data forever. When a product is dead, your job is finish, and you must go home.

At the end of this text, you must know As a product manager, you never go to write code because it is an engineering role, you don’t create mock-ups for the designer, and you don’t have to make marketing or PR plans. It would be best if you led the all team without being directly involved in that.

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