How does the Planist scheduling my meetings and save my 150 minutes in two weeks?

Scheduling Meetings by Planist

Before answering the question, “how did I scheduling my meetings with clients by Planist?” First, I have to tell you that no freelancer or consultant can arrange their appointments and meetings without using a planning assistant.

The best and easiest planning assistant to use online calendars is Google Calendar, but why can’t Google Calendar alone be a good and efficient planner? What are the disadvantages that we need to use Google Calendar?

As a Product Manager, I spend part of my time providing free consulting sessions as a social responsibility or paid sessions to ME companies.

I want my customers could schedule an appointment with me easily, quickly, and without making the call by me.

Honestly, I am too addicted to using Google Calendar. I can not scheduling my many daily meetings without booking in it 🙂

Scheduling Meeting
Google Calendar

Why does GCal lonely doesn’t work for me? Finding my free time for my customers has been a manual process completely.

The client would call me or request a meeting via email. I should check my calendar and tell them two or three, picking one of them by the customer I fix it in my calendar.

Also, this process took place for job interviews too. This process wasted a lot of my time. In addition, if for any reason an appointment needs to change or cancel, we should repeat this process from first to end.

Another way was that I shared my Google Calendar with each of these people. However, to set up an appointment and record it in my GCal, this solution is a manual process and does not have a good user experience.

I work with many products that could solve my problem and have a good user experience for my clients, finding the Planist could cover my needs. In addition, the Planist has not a limitation of other services such as Calendly, etc.

This seems like a bit of a competition to Clandley and other online scheduling & meeting products. But behind four months of migrating from Clandley to Planist, I feel that all my needs have been met. In addition, my customers have been able to make appointments faster and increase my productivity.

This service has limited features compared to other competitors. But I think in the coming this could introduce itself as one of the best services.

Here are some quick steps to set up an account and use the Planist.

Account Setup

Register for a Planist account with your Google account. You can go to the navigation menu bar and click on the Sign-up link too.

Now you can click on the sign-up with the Google icon in the middle of the page. Chose your account and authorized the Planist to that.

Event Setup

In the head, click on Create Event link and fill in the required fields.

In the first section, you can set a name to your event as your URL and custom color for your event type.

Set the event duration by minute and set your available working time.

On this page, you can see two good features. One of related to set the buffer for your event, another is setting an override time.

You can allocate time before or after the event that you can use to prepare for or wrap up from the event.

Date override’s feature means setting a custom rule to avoid specific days or times to schedule to you without changing your default working time.

In my case, the default available time for consulting events type is Saturday to Wednesday from 11:00 to 16:30.

Sunday, I want to fix my car, and I do not have a schedule to be registered for me on that day before 14:00.

I click on add a date override, and after selecting a date, I can change the available time on a specific date.

Personalized link and Scheduling your meeting as easy way

When you create an event type, you receive a unique URL for sharing with your customers.

If you like, set a free consulting session with me here😉


As a consultant or freelancer, it is necessary to prevent wasting your time and be effective. Using these simple features of the Planist helps you to organize your appointments.

Do not forget; your time is your most valuable asset. You can protect it by choosing the right tools.

You can see the planist introduction’s video to easily scheduling your meeting.

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