Mohsen Ahmadi

Hi I am Mohsen Ahmadi 👊, An Agile Product Manager, Project Manager and Scrum Master with the successful product/project management history. Highly skilled in collaborating with team members to achieve business and financial goals. In addition to learning more and more about successful Agile methods. On top of these, I am responsible for the project’s key-stakeholders and build up an Agile culture on start-up steam. My aim is transferring my knowledge and experiences in Agile Project Management helping such Startups thrive quicker and stronger. So, I co-operated in some Startups and coach them on implementing project management solutions based on Agile frameworks. The end I have some experiences in journalism and writing contents in some famous media in my country when I was younger.


2016 - Present

Product Manager

DakyaCo. is an Agile Startup Company and we work on a project related to Natural Language Processing based on AI and Machine Learning.

2019 - Present

Scrum Master & Agile Coach

In DotinCo. I work as a Scrum Master and helping the Internet Bank, Telephone Bank, and MBS teams to maximize the values that were created to the customers. Pasargad Bank & Tourism Bank are some of our customers. I'm qualifying to achieve a new position in this company as an Agile coach.

2020 - Present
AsanBar Co.

Agile Coach

Asanbar Co. is the most professional and popular web service and mobile application in the transportation industry in Iran which is based on a unique and innovative concept. Asanbar provides a platform for shippers to list their shipping requests, and for drivers to submit their proposals. This efficient double-sided combinatorial auction model reduces the shipping costs by holding competition among drivers and eliminating the middlemen between the drivers and shippers. Using this service will be completely free of charge for shippers, but drivers should pay a small monthly membership fee for it. I work as a part-time Agile Coach at the company to improve the Agile mindset among members of product development teams and further lead the organization towards Agility.

2020 - Present

Product Manager

Digiato is one of the Iranian popular websites in technology; due to its independence and lightning-fast broadcasting it has been able to obtain a huge community of loyal fans for itself and as a result, now the website is an influential player in Iran’s market. In addition to national and international news coverage in the IT sector, it also covers articles in various fields including Science, Automobile, and business, and has more than 10 million visits per month. I work as a part-time product manager at digiato and sharing my expertise in three different sites (Digiato, Vigiato, and Rooziato).


Product Manager

The SnappTrip (one of the Rocket Internet and MTN’ holding in Iran ventures) is an online hotel and travel booking service and we'll try to make good experience whose travel to IRAN by four different product line like B2B (the Tehran's office of McKinsey, Huawei and Siemens some of our B2B's customers), , B2C, flight and core service. Reporting directly to CEO and the Head of Product, I am responsible for designing, improving and managing both new and ongoing product lines (independent of the platform) and also I improved 12% of the payment success ratio and 13% of the fulfilment. I've done other tasks like A/B Testing to improve the search results, and we've learned a lot from the failures that we've had.

AtiTel Co.

Product Manager

As a Product Manager in AtiTelCo., I was work on Core-Banking, VAS and VOD services.


Project Manager

As a Project manager in VandaSolutions, I have ordinated a customized project for Bosal company in Belgium. this project was developed on my team at VandaSolutions for the Belgian employer. Also at VandaSolutions, I worked on some other type of customized software for our employers.

Hoodad Tech

Product Manager

The HoodadTech. is a software company based on MarCom Agency (Maat Advertising Agency) in Tehran and I worked as a product manager on Music On Demand Service that's name Ham-Ahang.

Payvast Software Group

Project Manager

Payvast Software Group is one of the biggest company in Iran and provided automation's software such as accounting, recruitment systems, etc. I started my work on PSG as a head of customer care and support team and after that get a new mission to provide the project management systems. Also, I've been Project Manager of setup and deployment automation systems and receive a recommendation letter from the PSG's customers.


Freelance Developer and IT Technician

In these years I work as a freelance developer and IT technician in different companies in Iran such as Iranian Students' News Agency, Ab-Hayat Industrial Group, etc.

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