Mohsen Ahmadi, Product Manager Resume

8 Years of Experience



Product Manager

Digiato is one of the Iranian popular media websites in technology. I am responsible for product management throughout the product life cycle, gathering customer needs, prioritizing them, and measuring the feasibility of implementing new ideas to create income. During this time, I achieved to: - Improved User Engagement up to 65% by registering comments on articles by readers - Extended 15% of the time on pages by A/B testing techniques. - Decreased the site’s downtime from 17 minutes per week to <5 minutes. As a result, - Raised 8% of the site’s visitors, and a 7% increase in advertising revenue followed.

Product Manager

The SnappTrip (one of the Rocket Internet and MTN’s holding in Iran ventures) is an online hotel and travel booking service. When I was a product manager, I managed to: - I grew 12% of the payment success ratio by fixing user’s problems via payment gateways. - I cultivated 13% of the hotel’s fulfillment. In addition, I’ve done other tasks like A/B Testing to improve the search results, and we’ve learned a lot from the failures that we’ve had.
AtiTel Co.

Product Manager

In this Project, I find about these types of products complexity such as concurrent users, players, and streaming platforms. Some parts of this product that I ran focused on children and worked similar to YouTube Kids, which provided 70% of our traffic and Built the product’s return up to 30%.


  • Ability to communicate empathetically with the end-user and understand customer’ needs
  • Aptitude to prioritize needs, requests, and improved features in line with business goals
  • Understanding to coordinate and facilitate group meetings to communicate effectively with stakeholders and receive feedback and ideas that increase product values
  • Sufficient knowledge and experience of Agile mindset and Agile methodologies
  • Sufficient expertise in documenting lessons learned and incident reports.
  • Nearly good understanding of infrastructure, software development complexities, and product testing
  • Desire working with numbers and data analysis
  • Energy to present the achievements of the product development team
  • A good teammate and loves to create great teamwork to achieve predetermined goals


Agile and Scrum Course

April 2016


  • Traveling and Discovering new
  • Capturing moments
  • Sport
  • Reading & Writing
  • Helping to Other
  • Coffee and Nutella
  • Working with Data
  • Listening & playing Music


A.S University of Applied & Science (Tehran)

Computer Software Engineering