The word koc is derived from the Hungarian word kocs, meaning carriage. In Hungary in the 15th century, carriages were used to refer to people who moved. Still, they gradually spread to England and the university, and with a slight change to professors who expressed complex material in simple language, the word “coach” was used. Gradually, the word migration became more widespread, and today those who help others reach their destination are called migrants. But, is it possible to imagine a sports hero without a coach? Coaching is helping, guiding, and empowering people to determine the direction and motivation to enter the action plan and achieve their goals. 

In fact, coaching is helping people change their current situation and steer them from where they are to where they can be.

Coaching is the discovery of ways to empower people to recognize and apply more of their talents to create more results; Coaching is a talent unlock to maximize performance and results.

Coaching goes beyond improving personal performance. In organizations, it helps leaders change their behavior and their employees to achieve their goals, but that is not the purpose of coaching! Instead, the goal of coaching is personal growth, enhancing life experience, and achieving a sense of inner satisfaction.

Coaching differs from other personal development methods such as training in its way of thinking. The teacher offers his expertise and skills in teaching and says, “I know these things about this.” In mentoring, the mentor has the knowledge, expertise, skills, and experience to help clients succeed in a similar situation, saying, “I did it this way.” The consultant knows a specific knowledge and is an expert and gives it to the audience in a personalized way and says: “You better do these things as I say.”

The manager and supervisor know the knowledge, the process, and the way of working and say, “this is exactly how you should do it.”

The psychologist and psychiatrist find the patient’s problem and prescribe a solution.

“Knowledge is with the authorities,” says the coach. The instructor asks a question and opens the intricate loops of the audience’s mind to arrive at the appropriate and correct answer.

So teachers, counselors, mentors, psychologists and psychiatrists, managers, and supervisors can also be coaches.

Coaching is an attitude that says that everyone has the answers to their mental questions, just asking the right question, directing their attention to finding the right solution. Coaching is a leadership style that allows people to make their own decisions and improve their performance. Coaching is a set of skills, models, and tools.

The question may have arisen in your mind that:

What is Coaching, who is the coach?

A coach is familiar with the coaching process and knows the coaching method. In addition, a successful coach must have the qualities to help others. Characteristics include honesty, respect, belief in clients, confidentiality, continuous learning, full attention, effectiveness, creating a sense of security and trust, deep communication, non-judgment, knowledge of tools and models, and self-awareness.

Coaching is a process that brings stunning results, including providing the right image of oneself, helping to make the most of one’s inner strengths, making effective decisions, creating new perspectives, and being determined to make the changes that all these result in. Full life help. To achieve these results, a coach addresses several concerns; in the first stage, a coach removes the client’s ambiguities and confusions and helps him gain a clear view. If we look at our lives clearly, we see different aspects of our lives that need to change, and this change is necessary to achieve brilliant goals and results. A good coach shows the client the need for change and, with the help of his client, creates better performance and different outcomes.

A coach is well aware that the obstacles to achieving goals are internal, and by helping to recognize these obstacles, he also helps to overcome them. In fact, by intervening in the inner whispers of people and distracting them, the coach helps the person silence the annoying noises inside him and diverts his attention from the things that do not allow him to grow to the solutions and ways forward. Changes to achieve goals.

The various steps in the coaching process include:

  • Clarifying the goal or issue.
  • Observing the space.
  • Assessing the current situation.
  • The actual situation.
  • Agreeing with the coaching goal.
  • Organizational planning.
  • Identifying obstacles.
  • Learning and improving the results.

So a coach discovers and clarifies, helps to know the person, analyzes the person’s patterns, identifies obstacles to inner potential, encourages the person to choose a new way of thinking, creates new behavior, Guides, motivates, provides feedback, and evaluates.

Coaching produces impressive results. These results are visible both in personal life and in career and organizational paths. Successful coaching creates positive effects: self-awareness and self-awareness, responsibility, resistance to problems, focus on priorities, improving time management, personal satisfaction, recognizing values ​​and a different view of things, and creating creativity.

Other positive effects include seeing opportunities, increasing flexibility, adaptability, providing and receiving feedback, decision making, balance in life, boosting self-confidence, and improving communication power.

Coaching can enter into different areas and be effective, such as individual coaching, life, components, business, job, performance, skills, task, and very new and specific areas such as coaching, discovering abilities and talents, yoga, production. It includes the content and skills that a person can have in this historical period.

We need someone who can help us perform better and grow faster and more efficiently in today’s world. Like a sports hero who needs a coach, we also need a coach to make profound changes in different areas of our lives, focus on the most critical issues, create outstanding results and achieve happiness.

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