From Observation to Meaning begins with a story about how my passion for content sharing and entrepreneurship began.

Since 1999 and in the days when I was actively searching the web as a programmer and follower of technology news, I wanted to one day connect with others like content producers.

Since 2001, when I have been in the journalistic area for a while, I have been able to improve my writing skills. 

Share my social, political, and sometimes cultural concerns with others.

Until today, I have written in many blogs and have been present in social media such as twitter.

Since 2008, I have kept the focus of my activity in project management, Agile mindset and product management, and my concern of writing and sharing my knowledge and experience in these subjects.

Although I still sometimes write about politics, culture, society and people, as an observer who is preparing to enter the days of middle age, I try to establish a meaningful connection between what I see and what I have experienced/am experiencing with a different perspective.

For me, who lives as an entrepreneur in France these days, continuing to write has created a motivation and enthusiasm.

A little further

As you have noticed, this will be my communication bridge with you so that we can have a more meaningful look at our concerns.

Regardless of what profession you are engaged in, if you have a concern for growth, change, and you like the topics I write about, your camaraderie is valuable to me. I appreciate you and look forward to learning from you.

But a little beyond that I’m writing a book called “Entrepreneurship in the ilk crazy product manager” that combines my experiences from years of entrepreneurship and product management with concrete and real examples from projects I’ve been involved in.

By registering in the paid service, you can access the content of the book before the final publication, follow me from its progress and see your name forever as a supporter on one page of the book.

If you are still not convinced that you want to keep this new way of communicating with each other, you can unsubscribe from this list. But before that, I ask you to tell me why?