Why the RankBrain algorithm?

In previous years, the idea was prevalent among web-masters that the more a keyword is repeated on a page, the better the chance that it will rise and get a better score. Because of this thinking, people were trying to replicate a specific keyword a certain number of times to get to the first Google results.

It reduced the quality of the content and the dissatisfaction of many users. When Google realized this, it introduced a new algorithm to select quality content more carefully and put it in Google’s initial results. The color algorithm was introduced to examine the content based on criteria beyond the number of keywords and provide higher quality content to the user.

What is a RankBrain algorithm?

RankBrain algorithm was introduced in 2015, and it can be considered without exaggeration one of the essential algorithms presented by Google. This algorithm was one of the influential factors that made Google more popular among other search engines in the last decade. The RankBrain algorithm provided a system by which Google could better understand the user’s search target. Rank Brain also focused on searches that had not previously been searched on Google and made Google perform better in those searches, which accounted for 15% of all searches.

The RankBrain algorithm is a machine learning system derived from the Hummingbird algorithm. A machine learning system is a system in which a computer learns a method or function without human training or any other type of training. This algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and complements the Hummingbird algorithm (another of Google’s algorithms). Unlike previous algorithms, Rank Brain does not follow a constant trend and constantly changes and learns.

RankBrain algorithm has been developing in Google since 2015. Therefore, to get better results in Google searches, we must have complete information about the performance of this algorithm in search engines.
RankBrain algorithm has been developing in Google since 2015. Therefore, to get better results in Google searches, we must have complete information about the performance of this algorithm in search engines.

RankBrin Algorithm Performance

The ranking algorithm is one of the essential algorithms in Google results and the third most effective in determining the ranking of results. RankBrin converts data into understandable concepts for the computer. The primary use of this algorithm is against foreign expressions that are searched in Google, and Google encounters them for the first time. When this algorithm discovers unfamiliar words and phrases, it starts guessing similar words. But how does this algorithm think identical results to a user search? The algorithm uses the information to guess similar words or phrases, such as the geographical area in which the user lives, the user’s search history and interests, and other factors to rank the results for the user.

RankBrain algorithm evaluates user performance even after search. When a user enters one of the search results pages, the ranking algorithm checks his performance when he is on the page and exits it according to his criteria to perform better according to these results. In this study, Rank Brain examines the behavior of one user and the behavior of thousands of users to provide the best results.

RankBrin cases

RankBrin sets many criteria, a few of which we will examine together. One of these criteria, which is perhaps one of the most important criteria, is the quality of the content. Content should be helpful and practical. The content you put on your site should answer the user’s needs and give a complete answer to the user’s questions. In addition, this content can lead to user satisfaction and good feedback, such as more interaction from the audience.
Of course, apart from cases, the speed of your user’s site & the responsiveness of the site are also issues that Google examines. After all, when a user enters your page, his performance is also monitored as he stays on the site. Therefore, apart from the mentioned cases, more factors are influential in the RankBrain algorithm.

Google and RankBrain

RankBrain algorithm and the effect on the results shown to the user.
Changes to the Google page, such as adding the featured snippet section, usually give a brief and helpful answer to the user’s search query at the top of the page.
The People also search for section, and the People also ask section, which provides better results to the user. So be. This algorithm is still being developed at Google for better performance. To optimize your content in the best way to get better results from Google.

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